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Building a Pest Control Business the Right Way

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For those trained professionals who have been working in a pest control company for a number of years, it normally occurs to them that they could start their own business. This is something that not everyone is well suited to. 

Some people are better business owners than others. Some people are better at math than others. Some people are better with direction given by a boss.

Characteristics of a good business owner

However, when a person has a solid work ethic, a sincere desire to serve customers and make a positive difference in someone’s life, and a need to work hard, building a pest control business is one way to have a great life. Owning a business is no joke, though.

Not everyone will be able to make a difference in the pest control business. Our partners, the Top Pest Control Experts in Houston Texas,Top Pest Control of Bostonare having a ton of success with this!

Some people will find it too difficult to get the project underway. Some people will not have the funding and financing to make the business a startup success. However, many with the small amount of capital needed and the dedication to doing the job right can do this well.

This video give you some great tips on becoming a better small business owner, hope you like it!

The pest control business

Starting a pest control business that requires chemicals has some layers of compliance requirements. The local area and sometimes the federal government will require the company to comply with various licensing and training protocols.

The company will need to provide training for any employees, and verify that insurance coverage for safety violations and overlooks are included. The costs and operating difficulties can be significant, in addition to the normal troubles involved with starting a company. Refer to our partners, Bed Bugs Extermination Columbus Experts & Best Bed Bug Exterminators of Brooklyn New York

Keeping it green

Starting a pest management company that doesn’t require chemicals is a lot easier! Generally, organic pest control companies are not required to adhere to any compliance requirements. Different localities have different requirements for business license in general, but that should be the only requirement. Top quality bed bug exterminator in baltimore -guaranteed! EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Baltimore

Key man insurance and general liability insurance are advisable, but they are the only items that the locality might demand. Determining the right coverage and forms to supply can be done with the help of the local Clerk of the Court.

Identifying your priorities in treatment protocols is the first step to a successful business in pest control.

Bed Bugs

How to Exterminate Bed Bugs Organically

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There are different ways to treat an existing bed bug infestation. There are some people who prefer chemical treatments because they feel that an application of chemicals will treat for longer and provide a more thorough solution than the organic treatments can.

There are also some situations in which government regulations or practical considerations require that treatment be made in chemical methods, and documented properly. These situations can be delicate and require the appropriately trained people to manage the application without causing environmental and medical harms.

Introducing organic treatments

When these conditions are not present, or the homeowner or landlord is able and willing to consider organic or natural treatments, there is every chance to make long term inroads in an existing bed bug infestation. The different methods of treatment in this traditional Netherlands vein take form depending on the location of the infestation.

In a traditional single family home, there can be wooden furniture in which the bed bugs take up residence. The home owner can eliminate the crevices and areas where the bugs might hide, and can help to reduce the possibility of secondary infestations.

Making sure they never come back

deadbugsClearing out the bugs is one thing. Making sure they cannot come back or successfully hatch into a second generation is even more important.

There are also opportunities to use natural or organic repellant materials that keep bed bugs away. There are flower derivatives that repel the bugs, and make it uncomfortable for them to settle down. Keeping these plants in areas where the bed bugs might gather is one way to keep them out of the way.

Depending on the situation, there can be areas of a home that are protected by the plants and essential oils provided by a trained professional pest control specialist who prefers organic. Some areas can be treated while others are left fully occupied. The infestation will wither while the rest of the house is not impacted.

Bed Bugs

3 Ways to Keeping Bed Bugs at Bay

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While there’s no way to keep bed bugs out of a place entirely, there are good and traditional ways to make sure that a place is less hospitable to bed bugs. The bugs look for hiding places to sleep in, and their preference is a dark and warm place.

1. Modern Furniture


They like crevices in wood bed frames, in areas of the bedroom that are not often visited, and there are plenty of places in most older homes. During renovation, there are opportunities to install newer and more modern furniture that gives the bugs fewer places to hide.

2. Avoiding Wooden Floors


Different homes require different treatments to prevent bed bugs from taking up residence. When wood floors are present, there is the chance that bed bugs will get comfortable living in the wood floors. While it is not commonly used in the Netherlands, there is some good sense to installing carpet, which the bed bugs are less comfortable living in.

The use of even area rugs can help prevent the bed bugs from becoming comfortable in a home. Nests of bed bugs can be cleaned out and vacuumed up, but making sure there are no places where the lady bed bugs can lay their eggs is important to preventing a second infestation.

3. Proper Cleaning


Another thing to take into consideration is the proper cleaning of the linens used in the bed clothes. The bed bugs will take up residence in the bed spreads and stored sheets.  This is something any home owner can prevent by using proper storage methods and commercially available strips that help keep bed bugs from laying eggs in stored sheets and bed coverings.

Also, washing pillows and pillow cases regularly can help keep the bugs from being placed under heads unintentionally.

While it’s not possible to completely protect a person or place from bed bugs without installing a plastic bubble, it is definitely possible to take measures to make an infestation less likely.