Bed bug extermination services, Jvoorh is a one-man business

Jvoorh is the business of the leading bed bug specialist from the Netherlands, Edwin Jvoorh. His dedication to understanding the practices and lifestyles of the pests, and to knowing how their particular preferences lead them to behave, has brought him international fame. He has been asked to speak on four continents and has made a publication each year for the past twelve years in leading journals.

Edwin’s capabilities for managing his business are comparatively rare when combined with his ability to understand insect science. Especially when it comes to bed bugs, Edwin understands the entire life cycle and can accurately predict what the bugs will do when they are threatened, when they enter a new environment, and when they are already in for a few generations.

Humans who are struggling with a bed bug infestation are often confused by the motivations and behaviors that the bugs are driven by. The bugs seem to run on their own clock, and are mysterious and unpredictable. A scientific understanding of the bugs programming gives the Jvoorh professional the ability to work with the bug, without using manipulative or deadly chemicals.

The chemical treatments for bed bugs are normally very toxic to humans, and are ineffective against the bed bugs in the long term. The better way to effect a bed bug removal that will be long lasting is to handle the situation naturally in concert with the bed bug’s life cycle and behavior pattern.

Edwin is the only person who has dedicated twenty years to the study of bed bug behavior. He maintains a strong practice of health and wellbeing knowledge in the human realm as well, and he keeps the bugs’ behavior patterns balanced against the humans’ needs.

The best way to handle a bed bug infestation is to bring in the best treatment plan possible. Call Jvoorh for the most help possible, and for the best way to handle bed bugs.