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3 Ways to Keeping Bed Bugs at Bay

While there’s no way to keep bed bugs out of a place entirely, there are good and traditional ways to make sure that a place is less hospitable to bed bugs. The bugs look for hiding places to sleep in, and their preference is a dark and warm place.

1. Modern Furniture


They like crevices in wood bed frames, in areas of the bedroom that are not often visited, and there are plenty of places in most older homes. During renovation, there are opportunities to install newer and more modern furniture that gives the bugs fewer places to hide.

2. Avoiding Wooden Floors


Different homes require different treatments to prevent bed bugs from taking up residence. When wood floors are present, there is the chance that bed bugs will get comfortable living in the wood floors. While it is not commonly used in the Netherlands, there is some good sense to installing carpet, which the bed bugs are less comfortable living in.

The use of even area rugs can help prevent the bed bugs from becoming comfortable in a home. Nests of bed bugs can be cleaned out and vacuumed up, but making sure there are no places where the lady bed bugs can lay their eggs is important to preventing a second infestation.

3. Proper Cleaning


Another thing to take into consideration is the proper cleaning of the linens used in the bed clothes. The bed bugs will take up residence in the bed spreads and stored sheets.  This is something any home owner can prevent by using proper storage methods and commercially available strips that help keep bed bugs from laying eggs in stored sheets and bed coverings.

Also, washing pillows and pillow cases regularly can help keep the bugs from being placed under heads unintentionally.

While it’s not possible to completely protect a person or place from bed bugs without installing a plastic bubble, it is definitely possible to take measures to make an infestation less likely.